Celebrating 15 years of Nesting by Richmond’s Peregrine Falcons

The original female peregrine falcon of the Richmond pair.

The peregrine falcon breeding season has begun!  Courtship and pair bonding begin in February, and DGIF’s Richmond Falcon Cam, sponsored by Comcast Business, goes live on March 1.  With these events upon us, we take a look back to pay tribute to the falcon pair that has nested in Virginia’s capital city for the past 15 years.  Read the rest of this article…

  • February 19th, 2018

Second Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas Wraps Up Season Two

Ruby-throated Hummingbird feeding nestlings. Photo by Bob Schamerhorn.

The results are in on the second field season of the 2nd Virginia Breeding Bird Atlas!  The Atlas is a project of the DGIF in partnership with the Virginia Society of Ornithology and the Conservation Management Institute at Virginia Tech.  It is the largest bird survey project currently taking place in Virginia, both in terms of geographic coverage (the entire Commonwealth) and the number of species it surveys (over 200 breeding species).  Read the rest of this article…

  • December 20th, 2017

Domesticated Red Fox Regulation Changes

Pim Leijen/Shutterstock.com

At the May 24, 2017 Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Board meeting, the Board adopted a change to 4VAC15-20-50 of the Virginia Administrative Code. That change required that anyone in possession of a domesticated red fox held in captivity on July 1, 2017 may continue to possess that animal in captivity until the animal dies, but the animal may not be bred or sold without a permit from DGIF.  Read the rest of this article…

  • December 19th, 2017

Virginia Tech Wildlife Society Participate in a Squirrel Hunting Workshop

In the Fall of 2016, a relationship was established between the DGIF Hunter Education Program and the Virginia Tech Chapter of the Wildlife Society.  A Hunter Education Class was offered to the students of the chapter on the campus of Virginia Tech. At that time, it was discovered that many of the students studying wildlife at VT had never hunted or been exposed to hunting. That relationship blossomed recently with Region Three DGIF Hunter Education Volunteers and Staff offering a Squirrel Hunting Workshop for the VT students in Giles County.  Read the rest of this article…

  • October 30th, 2017

Giving Hope to the Hungry

Hunters for the Hungry asks for the support of deer hunters to help fulfill its mission

Hunters all over Virginia are excited about the prospect of bagging a nice buck or doe this season.  Some skilled and lucky hunters will harvest several deer, perhaps more than they need themselves. What to do with all that meat?  Why not consider donating a whole deer to Hunters for the Hungry and make a big difference in the lives of those who are struggling.  Read the rest of this article…

  • October 12th, 2017