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Zain Rahman, age 12 and Dad, Fazal, proudly pose with CITATION 18 3/4 inch brook trout caught on the Rose River at the Graves Mountain Lodge Trout Hertitage Kids Fishing Day.  Photo courtesy Fazal Rahman.
Zain Rahman, age 12 and Dad, Fazal, proudly pose with CITATION 18 3/4 inch brook trout caught on the Rose River at the Graves Mountain Lodge Trout Hertitage Kids Fishing Day. Photo courtesy Fazal Rahman.

The Fishin’ Report is put together from recent reports from avid anglers,  fishing guides, marinas and bait shops for major rivers and lakes all across the state. We encourage you to take advantage of the unusually warm sunny days and head out to your favorite river or lake and take a kid fishing. Please use caution when planning any outdoor activities or going on the water. Always wear your life jacket and let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. Check conditions before you venture out.

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Citation Brook Trout Caught at Graves Mountain Lodge Trout Heritage Kids Fishing Day April 1st

It was no April Fool’s joke when 12 year old Zain Rehman from Ashburn in Northern Virginia, called out to his Dad, Fazal, “I think I got a big one?!?”  Indeed he did- a citation sized 18 3/4 inch brook trout caught in the Rose River right in front of Graves Mountain Lodge where he was fishing with 200 other youngsters at the annual Trout Heritage Kids Fishing Day. It was an exciting day for Zain as earlier he was thrilled to hold a red corn snake at the DGIf exhibit and learn to use a scratch box turkey call.   The event is co-sponsored by the Rapidan Chapter of Trout Unlimited and DGIF and hosted by the Graves family.  See the TOR feature article for additional photos.


Near Record Bowfin Caught in Lake Meade

This 15lb, 8oz Bowfin was caught in Lake Meade in late March by Robert Jones from Northern Virginia.  Meghann Rothgeb, DGIF Fish Citation Coordinator notes that the Bowfin is 1lb shy of the 16lb 8oz State record caught in LAke Cahoon in 2004.   Robert caught the monster on 6lb test line and was fishing for Crappie.  Do you know the difference between the bowfin and the similar looking invasive snakehead?  Visit our Fish ID page  ‘Know the Difference?’ on the DGIF website for tips.


Late Winter Trout Stocking Paying Off for Anglers as Spring Arrives

by Allen Easterly, DGIF Complementary Work Force Volunteer

The early March snow storm did not deter the Region 4, West [Shenandoah Valley] Complementary Work Force (CWF) volunteers from their trout stocking routine.  They braved temperatures in the low 20s, with wind speeds to match, bringing the wind chill factor down to the low, single digits.  With a fresh snowfall, they trudged through the white stuff over icy slick rocks and logs, time and time again to bring some beautifully colored Brook Trout to their new home.  Before the stocking crew was finished, a few hard core fishermen were beginning to arrive at streamside to try their luck.  Once a net full of trout hit the cold mountain waters they quickly scattered in all directions.  I’m sure the wily trout spread out nicely so there were nice fish in almost all parts of the stream so every fisherman had an equal opportunity to catch one of these feisty fighters.

Your CWF volunteers are out there for you on every stocking, on every stream, lake and pond, year after year.  As the weather warms, new challenges arise for the stocking crews.  Poison ivy, ticks, chiggers, snakes, rain, and heat are all handled to fill our waterways with nice steelhead and rainbow, brown and brook trout.  Any obstacle we face is well worth the friendship and camaraderie that comes from working together on a common goal.  A streamside lunch together or gathering at a restaurant for breakfast as we wait on the stocking truck is memorable times for all.

This particular stocking crew, who were young, 60-80 year old’s, were all volunteers.  A day of stocking can wear on anyone, so some young muscle would be very welcome.  New volunteers are always welcome.  Contact your regional DGIF office for more information and/or an application.  The next time you see a stocking crew, take a moment to say thanks for the time they devote to giving you a nice day of fishing.  It’s the only compensation we get, and it keeps us coming back.

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